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potty training puppyOne of the biggest questions on your mind during potty training your puppy is “how can I do it quickly?”

It would be great if you could wave a wand or feed your puppy a pill and poof! Potty training is over.

Realistically, it is gonna take a little more effort than that.

As a matter of fact, most dog owners go about potty training all wrong and it ends up making matters worse.

Don`t worry, the good news is that you are about to get off on the right foot by avoiding the THREE BIGGEST MISTAKES made while potty training.

Here they are…


Here are the three biggest mistakes you will want to avoid at all costs during potty training.

1. Punishment

You should never use punishment when potty training (or any training for that matter) for three reasons:

First, punishment never works. In fact, punishing your dog will most likely prolong the potty training process and also create new behavior problems you don`t want such as aggression.

Second, eliminating (peeing and pooping) is not a behavior. It is a fact of life and you cannot punish your puppy for going potty.

Third, no one wants to be the bad guy and hurt or harm their own furry child anyway.

Stay away from all fear based tactics or training that involves punishing your puppy. This includes rubbing your dog`s nose in it, swatting him with a rolled up newspaper, yelling and scolding.

2. Not Going Outside With Your Puppy

Another big mistake many new dog parents make is not going outside with their puppy.

You see…

Puppies only go potty when they feel safe and the world is a big scary place for your puppy. If you are not around your pup will not feel safe. If your puppy does not feel safe he will not go potty and guess where he will feel safe and go potty if you do not go out with your puppy? That`s right, inside the house on the nice clean Persian rug.

3. Not Observing Your Puppy`s Behavior

This is regarding the matter of not going outside with your puppy, as previously mentioned.

In addition to going outside with your puppy, you`ll also want to be observing your puppy`s behavior.

You might not realize it but your puppy`s behavior is communicating more than you know.

Watch your puppy`s behavior closely. If your puppy is whining, pacing, has lost interest in you or a toy then it is probably a good sign you need to take him out.

Also, when you go outside with your puppy watch his behavior closely. As mentioned above, your puppy will not go potty if scared, so watch your pup closely to see if he looks timid.

If your puppy seems scared feed him some treats and give loving attention in order to make make him feel safe and secure.

Once your pup feels safe he should go potty.

There you have it. The three biggest mistakes you`ll want to avoid and what to do instead.

Now that you have learned what NOT TO DO the next step is to learn what TO DO.

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