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MyPuppy - Dog Training App is the world`s first effective and affordable dog training resource. In this candid app you`ll learn a little known dog training methodology preferred by pro-trainers and dog parents alike. You`ll discover the secret to getting your dog to behave without any hitting, yelling or scolding whatsoever! Best of all you can download and try it FREE now here:

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Our new app is FREE to download so you can gain access to the most powerful training system, save money, and have a well-mannered & obedient canine companion

  • Lightning Fast Results!

    We have carefully designed this app to give you only what you need, to get the results you want, in the quickest & easiest way possible!The training strategies utilized in the app are based on principles of dog psychology and science and is the most humane and effective training style today.

  • Behaves Well Around People and Dogs

    Want your dog to behave well around house guests, family members, and even other dogs? Our app turns your fantasy into reality by handing you the best training tools. You can finally have the canine companion you've always wanted.

  • Saves You Money!

    Most dog related social problems are due to dog owners not having access to vital information. We believe the best solution is to give owners easy and affordable access to top-notch dog-training info. You can download our app for FREE and have the greatest dog training resource right in your pocket.

  • A Dog That Sits, Stays, Comes and more!

    We realize as dog owners ourselves, that you don't want a dog who obeys you like a mindless drone. You simply want your dog to sit, come when called and stay when you ask.

6 Reasons Why You Need This App On Your Phone!

Here are six reasons why you will absolutely want to always have this incredible app at your fingertips:


You`ll notice an immediate difference in your dog after applying the info learned in the app.


This training style is 100% humane so you can train your dog without using any hitting, yelling, or scolding and still see great results!


The app is FREE to download and is full of tutorial videos you can start using immediately!


You`ll have access to this vital resource 24/7 from anywhere in the world! Having our app on your phone is like having your own personal dog whisperer one paw swipe away.

A Nice Well Behaving Dog

Over 33+ tutorial videos show you how to train so you can have an obedient dog that behaves well around other people & dogs!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer satisfaction is our top priority! Our support staff is ready and willing to help you with whatever you need.

More Than Just An App

Every year 1.5 million dogs are euthanized. In other words, over 4,000 dogs are killed every single day because they have no home. To make matters worse, behavior problems were cited as the number one reason owners gave up or abandoned their dog. While these behavior problems could be dealt with easily, the fact remains that the necessary information is not out there and only available to those precious few who can afford it. Therefore the real problem seems to be a high rate of uninformed owners and a lack of necessary information.

We believe the best way to deal with this problem is to empower dog owners everywhere with the proper training knowledge. By providing dog-owners with crucial information, we believe we can significantly alleviate common social and behavioral canine difficulties.

The Dog Training App is FREE to download and contains over 33 instructional videos that show dog owners how to humanely and effectively obedience train their dog. There are also multiple lessons that teach owners how to prevent or correct common dog behavioral problems. However, to empower as many owners as possible this resource must be sustainable and alternative content is available for less than your daily cup of coffee. This little app is an affordable and effective guide which provides you with the blue print to an obedient dog.

By helping one dog and owner at a time, together we make a significant difference in raising the quality of life for dogs everywhere. It starts with you and training your special canine companion. Help be part of the solution now by downloading this free app, training your pup and spreading the word!


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