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This dog training video reveals a super simple, easy and effective way to train your dog.

You see…

Most people go about training all wrong and end up just creating more behavior problems.

This makes training frustrating and most dog parents end up giving up on the idea of having an ideal family dog.

To make matters worse, the number one reason owners cite as the reason for abandoning their dog is due to behavior problems, which is a shame as training isn’t really hard when you have the right information.

To prove this I`m going to use the example of the sit command and show you show you a super easy way to get your dog to sit.

But first let’s go over the old way of doing it.


One way some people go about teaching the sit command is to physically push their dog’s rear end to the ground. Not only can this hurt your dog but it will also confuse your dog into thinking you’re some kind of weird pervert or something.

Another way people go wrong is by teaching the sit command by just saying the command of “sit“ over and over again as if their dog is a native English speaker.

These strategies don’t work and there is a much SIMPLER, EASIER and BETTER way to go about training.


Before you get started you’ll need some some small treats, your dog (of course) and a nice quiet secluded area.

Take a treat and show it to your dog a few inches away from his nose, so he can see the treat and knows you have it.

Then, slowly move the treat up and over your dog’s head and back toward his tail.

As you move the treat your dog will follow the treat and try to keep it in his sight.

There will be a point when the treat is just above your dog’s head and your dog will not be able to see the treat anymore. So to keep his sight on the treat he will have to drop his back hips and rear end and sit.

That’s it!

In a matter of of a few seconds you got your dog to sit.

Wouldn’t it be great if all other commands and training was just like this?

Well it can.

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